Marketing Your Property Using Twitter

Twitter is a powerful tool to reach potential buyers of a real estate home.  Online marketing does not end at creating a sales page about the property you are selling. You have to make efforts to increase awareness about your house, and establish an image that your followers are likely to talk about in the web. There are many ways by which you can get Twitter to work to your advantage, and listed below are some of these:

  • Encourage followers to re-tweet your posts. Internet users do not like to read long paragraphs, and this is basically the reason why tweets are only limited to 140 characters. This does not mean however, that the idea of your message should be inadequate. You can keep it short and simple, and still be able to influence your followers to do what you want them to. Make your posts stand out to get other users to re-tweet them.
  • Use images. Pictures say a thousand words. It has also been found that tweets with images get more attention than tweets that contain purely texts. By posting images of the property you are selling, you may not need to elaborate on your description. Those who are looking to buy a home will be more interested about your listing if there are pictures in it. An image can cut down your character count. But then again, why would you need to say more?
  • Insert hashtags. A hashtag is a word used to describe a tweet. It is preceded by a hash symbol (#). It enables twitterers to categorize tweets, and to follow conversations that relate to a specific topic. By putting a hashtag in your brand name, you are allowing people who may be interested in buying a real estate home, to get updated about your listings. Hashtags help increase awareness of the property you are selling. You need to build a reputation if you must extend the scope of your marketing efforts.
  • Tweet daily. Your previous tweets may not stay in the newsfeeds of your friends.  But in order to get them to constantly feel your presence, you need to tweet every day. Always update your followers about the property you are selling.  With a lot of things going on in the cyberspace, you cannot get users to remember your brand or to stay hooked on your single tweet for a long time. They are often hungry for something new. Give them what they need, and you can earn their loyalty.
  • Summary and Conclusion

    Property selling online is more effective if you will use Twitter. You need to get help from other internet users to boost your web presence.   There is no use in selling a home online if potential buyers cannot see you. Twitter allows other users to spread the word about your business to the rest of the world.  You cannot do it alone. Get more followers from Twitter, and talk about your home for sale daily.

    Contributor Profile: Written in behalf of Australia’s leading for sale by owner real estate agency – For Sale For Lease Pty Ltd.